LEGA CONSULTING offers a wide range of legal consulting services in the field of Obligations Law. Among our services are:

  • Advising on the lawful signing, performing and terminating of different type of contracts
  • Providing advice on the consequences from breach of obligations and the statutory possibilities for the defence of infringed rights
  • Resolving problems regarding void agreements
  • Legal consulting services regarding revoking of all kind of agreements
  • Consulting services related to the transfer of rights and obligations
  • Establishment of different kind of pledges
  • Drafting all type of agreements: sale-purchase agreements, order agreements, manufacturing agreements, rent contracts, agreements for grants, copyright agreements, preliminary agreements, etc.

The aim of LEGA CONSULTING is to serve you as a trusted partner by providing assistance for the full protection of your rights and interests. We advise our clients for all specifics and hidden traps related to the different type of agreements.

Our lawyers also help on the successful conflict resolution between different parties, including consumer claims. We also provide consulting services regarding general terms and conditions of agreements.