LEGA CONSULTING offers services for the successful resolution of a broad range of problems in the field of Civil Law. We advise our clients on all aspects related to family matters, inheritance, different kind of civil deeds, copyright and many others.

We draft all kind of civil agreements and provide consultations on all matters related to the lawful concluding, performing of the obligations and terminating those agreements. We help our clients for solving different problems related to void civil agreements.

The lawyers of LEGA CONSULTING also advise on matters in the field of civil representation and the related actions for delegation of rights.

We help for resolving conflicts related to breach of personal data protection rights and the right for protection from discrimination. We consult our clients on all issues related to mediation and the other means for out-of-court conflict resolution.

LEGA CONSULTING provides assistance for obtaining public information from the state bodies and for resolving disputes arising from unlawful actions or inactions from the side of local or state administration.

We also offer legal consulting services for establishing cooperatives and not-for-profit legal entities and we consult on all matters related to the management and liquidation of those entities.