LEGA CONSULTING is a Business Law Firm concentrated on providing legal consulting services for corporate clients operating in diverse economic sectors. The legal services that we offer are aimed towards providing thorough assistance for the commercial activity of our clients. We strive to combine the efforts to comfort the business of our clients with the complex statutory regulations with pragmatic and focused on results, business approach.

At LEGA CONSULTING, we understand that the business of our clients exists for creating economic value for a specific market and we are familiar with the market environment in which the business of our clients operate.







Providing quick, reliable and competent legal solutions

Our lawyers emphasize on individual approach and they make sure that they understand very well the specific needs of each company so that they can offer innovative, reliable and long-term legal solutions.

We constantly develop our legal knowledge and expertise and we believe in lifelong learning and its corresponding practical development.


The vision of the partners at LEGA CONSULTING is to develop the company as one of the leading Bulgarian Law Firms which offers high-quality legal consulting services focused on meeting the practical needs of our clients.


The mission of LEGA CONSULTING is to serve as reliable and stable partner of its clients and to provide thorough, competent, effective and timely legal solutions.


At LEGA CONSULTING we believe in:

  • Openness and honesty to our clients
  • Thorough understanding of the practical needs of our clients
  • Providing quick, reliable and competent legal solutions
  • Providing permanent legal assistance

At LEGA CONSULTING we strive to constantly develop ourselves by widening our legal knowledge, the range of our services and improving the satisfaction of our clients. We attract new members of our team and create long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with state bodies, industry and business associations and other consulting companies.