LEGA CONSULTING offers a wide range of legal consulting services regarding public procurement procedures. Our aim is to help our clients for better understanding of the essence of the procedures and the most important aspects that the companies must observe in order to win public tenders. Building of thorough expertise in the field of public procurement is one of the strategic goals of LEGA CONSULTING.

We help our clients in the field of public procurement with:

  • Providing legal advice regarding the types of the procedures under the Bulgarian legislationopen procedures, restricted procedures, negotiation procedures, frame agreements etc.
  • Consulting services regarding the specific rules covering the participation in the different types of procedures under the Bulgarian Public Procurement Act
  • Advice regarding the requirements to the candidates and the participants in public procurement procedures
  • Providing legal advice regarding the requirements to the offers made in the procedures. Consulting services aimed towards elimination of probable mistakes when preparing and submitting the offers
  • Providing consulting services regarding all aspects of the public procurement agreements - rules for signing, executing, amending and termination the agreements. Advising on the consequences from non-performing of the obligations under the agreements
  • Legal advice regarding the rules for appealing the public procurement procedures

is the organizer of the “PRACTISE of PUBLIC PROCUREMENT” National Seminars. On those Seminars we discuss all current issues, most important aspects and the development of the public procurement sector in Bulgaria. We put a special point on current changes in the European and Bulgarian public procurement legislation. The participants at the Seminars are representatives of the State Bodies and the most active companies in Bulgaria.